Political future of Sharif brothers is bleak: Murad Saeed

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ISLAMABAD:     The Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed on Sunday has lashed out at Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leadership and alleged Sharif brothers of corruption. Political future of both brothers is bleak, he added.

According to media reports the minister said in a statement that Nawaz Sharif established offshore companies while Shehbaz Sharif opened fake bank accounts.
Murad Saeed says the government will continue to hold across-the-board accountability of all corrupt elements without any discrimination.
The minister said people of Pakistan will not forget those who committed corruption, money laundering and plundered national exchequer.
Murad Saeed further advised Shehbaz Sharif to seriously record answers of the questionnaire handed over to him by National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

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