Kashmir’s Voice:

In this ambiance, everyone is limited to four walls be it an aristocrat or bourgeoisie or a destitute. This
severe situation strongly reminds us of the Kashmiri people who are just like ourselves but have no any
right to fully live their lives. We are forced to comply with Lockdown and SOP’s, But these orders from
Authority have fired up our inner soul. Take a second and think for the helpless Kashmiris who without
any guilt are snatched the right to live. We are provided every sort of facility by the Government even in
this conundrum while the hapless Kashmiri people lack the medication and food facility even.
Strict lockdowns have been imposed by the different Governments in their respective constituencies. It’s
nearly three months everybody is forced to stay home, whereas, Modi’s Government has successfully
completed 9 Months of Curfew on Kashmir that far exceeds the Lockdown restrictions.
Kashmir has been triggered by India since few decades and tortured in every possible manner. Kashmiris
have never been given even a single chance to think about themselves as a neutral state. Unfortunately
there is no ear to hear their cries.
United Nations, the institute for to protect human rights is too speechless with respect to Kashmir Issue.
PM Khan’s speech at UN General Assembly was a peace gesture towards world that Pakistan’s flag
White portion suggests. Pakistan can just condemn the oppression exercised on them by giving the
message regarding peace to the World. Otherwise, the only recipe to this matter is War which is loss of
civilizations nothing else. The rest is up to the Vetoes how they respond to the Kashmir’s Voice.
Indeed, this Calamity is the result of the sighs of innocent Kashmiris.