Federal Govt. is responsible for the spread of the Corona epidemic; TJP


Rawalpindi: ( Parliament Times)   Muhammad Abdullah Gul, chairman of
the Tehreek-e-Jawanan-e-Pakistan and Kashmir (TJP), said in a
statement that the federal government is responsible for the
spread of the Corona epidemic. He said visitors from Iran were
not properly quarantined nor were people from abroad
affected by the check-ups being taken and left without check-
ups by taking money from visitors and travelers, which caused
the epidemic to spread from the infected patients to their
families and relatives. ?He said that today Vietnam has opened
the whole country whose border with China is one thousand
kilometers. Only 312 patients were reported to have recovered.
Vietnam quarantined travelers from abroad and sent them
home several days later when the report came true and
monitored them with the help of the police. Vietnam is the only
country in the world that has not had a single death due to the
corona, which is the result of a coordinated strategy, he said. It
is feared that the cases may not go into the millions. The

government still has time to form a co-ordinated policy with
the provinces to defeat Corona. He said that if epidemic
entered in street ,it would not be possible for a poor country
like Pakistan to control it.