Haji Gulzar addresses a function to mark “International Day of Families”


Rawalpindi:    (Parliament Times)   To mark the International Families Day a simple ceremony was held here at PTI Public Secretariat Amn House Peshawar Road Rawalpindi Cantt. here on Friday. The speakers highlighted the role of every single person with regard to safeguarding his family members in present prevailing situation of COVID 19.

Advisor to President of PTI North Punjab Haji Mohammad Gulzar Awan while addressing to the participants said the world is celebrating the “International Day of Families” amid the most challenging global life, health and social crises in the shape of COVID-19 pandemic which brings into sharp focus the importance of investing in social policies aimed at protecting the most vulnerable individuals and families. “As concerned the present government of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, PM Imran Khan did it very well by extending generous help to needy families during the lock down”, he added saying more that now ensuring the safety of their family members, every citizen is liable to comply with the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

He said it is the families who bear the brunt of the crisis, sheltering their members from harm and continuing their work responsibilities but COVID 19 pandemic demands much more care and observance of attention to avoid any unwanted situation.

Haji Mohammad Gulzar Awan showed great concern and fear on what he said the women, children and even male members of all families throng into the bazars after government allowed easing lock down. In this way all individuals not only posing them to catch the virus but they also put their all family members at risk. He advised the citizens to keep safe distance from others while shopping in bazars to ensure their safety. He further said as the world struggles to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, there is a real opportunity to rethink and transform the way our economies and societies function to foster greater equality for all. For this, it is clear that gender equality will not be achievable without greater equality in families.

The ceremony was also attended and addressed by Global Peace Foundation GS Raja Sajid Kaleem Kiani, Malik Allah Bakhsh Awan, Mohammad Ashraf Nasir, Malik Yasir and others.