Mama Vishan Thari – The Edhi Of Thar

Ali Nawaz Rahimoo;
Mama Vishan Thari S/o Hansrajmal, known as ‘Edhi of Thar’ was born on 27th August 1966 in Mithi town. He is the youngest one in the family having Master’s Degree and works in Government Degree College Mithi as Superintendent. Mama Vishan has earned name and fame for helping the people without any discrimination, and for his services to the humanity, he has been named as ‘Edhi of Thar’. It’s very interesting to know how he started supporting others. During a recent interaction with Mama Vishan, he recalled that when he was in forth standard, his father used to be in bed due to ill-health. “At that time I had a classmate named Razzaque s/o Rawal. We both kept fasting in Ramzan. Razzaque didn’t have books, so I went to my teacher Sir Mohan Lal Acharya to ask for seven rupees. I neither told him the reason nor he asked about; perhaps he thought that my father was serious, and I needed money for his medicine. Then I along with some friends purchased books, stationary and sold it in school from where we earned some money and donated books to Razzaque as well as returned the loan to the teacher,” he said recalling his childhood day. Mama said, “Since my childhood, I loved to toil for societal causes. In fifth class I participated in organizing an eye camp. We also used to go to each home to collect whatever they gave and then used to give that money to people who were in dire need in drought times.” “We established Goth Sudhar Sangat (literally village improvement friend circle) when I was in class tenth,” he told. “Me along with Sain Parshotam Waswani, Sain Haji Muhammad Dal, Late Rahim Ali Hajam, Sain Sahib Dino, used to collect money from shops and supported needy people. Once, while reading a book I got to know that blood becomes useless after a certain time, so it must be used and donated. So, when I was 18 years old, I donated blood for the first time,” he shared. “I had a strange feel of relief and spiritual pleasure, which became a source of inspiration for me to start a campaign of providing blood to the needy. I have matchless satisfaction that I have supported thousands of people.” Mama Vishan has established a Blood Bank in Mithi City by seeking support from local philanthropists, besides a small but regular support from provincial and district authorities. Mama’s service in providing blood for saving the human lives in emergencies and urgent need has earned respect for him in the society. “I remember almost every person’s blood group I have interacted with. I never ask caste, creed, color or religion, but just what can I do for them. Let it be blood, ration or even cash, I’m always ready and happy to help,” he said. “Once someone asked that he would not receive the blood of a Hindu so I recited a Suraah from Holy Quraan and said I am now a Muslim. I did it because for me, helping him was the most important thing to do,” he said. “Religion is just a way to pray God. It is everyone’s personal choice how he does,” Mama shared his views. Talking about an NGO working in Thar, he said, “Tharparkar Social Organization TSO was established in 1997. Dileep Kothari proposed this idea and we all friends sat together and worked for it.” Mama said Abdul Sattar Edhi is his ideal. “I wish all people’s blood groups should be compiled through NADRA and the system should at village level,” he said. When asked about what he gets in return after doing this service, he replied, “Love has been the greatest award ever, which I have received unlimited.” He believes that humanity is always superior to all other religions. “Humanity is my religion thus I slightly amended my name as Mama”.

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