COVID-19: The Basic Myths of Human Rights Violations Act



Indeed, many conflicts are sparked or spread by human violation which the world is likely to face . The world which we exists is full of violations against humanity which demonstrate a sorry picture of negligence and troublesome for the humans. Even we don’t recognize what is wrong with our response to himan rights. Another challenge beyond coronavirus is inequality which is derives human rights violation every where . Since the universal danger of ignoring human rights is just a ordinary conducts by the world’s arrogant societies. The countries like Syria is suffering due to this reason . As the civilians casualties mount across Syria and human rights violation continue unabated . The targeting and killings is continued from one end to the country to the other. And since the start of March, residental neighbourhoods and markets have been targeted. In addition Syria has been wracked by the violence for nearly a decade resulting the deaths of hundreds and thousands of people . The Protection of a civilian life is very necessary for a country and human rights organization to apply. I examine how the fear of death is seen to define humanity . Human Rights are norms that aspire to protect all people in the world .One might guess why the world is put into the cause of catastrophe. Regardless the most important issue which is all about social justice is Kashmir’s one .In administrated Kashmir, the Kashmir valley is declared as red zone . Meanwhile long – running curbs on the internet have prevented those living in the Kashmir region from accessing information about the virus. Indian armed forces have been entrapping Kashmir. Regardless the virus misinformation fuels hatred against Muslims in India Indian government and coronavirus conspiracy are targeting Muslims a lot . And the country the spread of the virus have been dubbed a “corona jihad ” . However, at the time of crisis Narendar Modi is busy spreading hate against a particular community , this obviously express how much he cares about humanity. In 2019 , religious freedom conditions in India experienced a drastic turn downwards with religious minorities under increasing assault . Even millions in India are facing unprecedented job losses and hunger because of the ongoing pandemic and lockdown , but still Modi keeps no justice on humanity and is against religions . The mosques have been attacked and Modi’s government systematic compaign only demonise Muslims by holding them responsible for the spread of COVID-19. Indian Muslims also face vilification . During these challenging times of the pandemic there have been growing incidents of hate crimes against Muslims particularly after the outbreak of COVID-19 . Therefore, the world should stand firmly and raise Kashmir issue and stop Modi to distance himself from the hate crimes against Muslims. Muslims in India have been attacked after religious gatherings in the capital allegedly led to a rise in coronavirus cases , with the minority being blamed for the spread of COVID-19 . Today the world is battling COVID-19 which has already killed thousands of lives , India is also battling to another threat of life – Muslim hate. In recent weeks , social media and WhatsApp groups have been flooded by calls for social and economic boycotts of Muslims and there have been numerous physical attacks on Muslims, including volunteers distributing relief material, amid falsehood accusing them of spreading the virus deliberately . There is always seen a hazardous treatment in India . And with the arrival of COVID-19 conflicts isn’t bearing any fruit. Although India is not responsible to protect the minority rights especially the Muslims community and the coronavirus conspiracy are targeting Muslims alot . No doubt these acts may lead to worst conclusions for the innocent Kashmiris and including the world experiencing human rights violations. These egregious reactions through humanity is intolerable, the human rights organization should express their concerns about human violations which the humanity is at risk.