Biz idea for beginners in pandemic covid-19


Saqib Bhatt;
Present environment of business is fully disturbed and facing enormous losses.In every sector or section of business from small scale industries to large scale industries from small business units to large business units, From street vendor to shopkeeper due to contagious corona virus .In other hand unemployment rate is flying beyond skies. present pandemic covid-19 is limiting everybody and every thing but it can not affect much to our daily requirements or basic needs. In any situation or any cost we have to borrow material for preparation of food, we have to borrow medicine, we have to borrow other utilities for survival. At the same time these commodities are prioritised by government as essential services for smooth rotation of same goods. So let’s talk about zero level business idea for debuting business . during pandemic covid-19 or any natural disaster .For those who are on toes for start ups .Moving towards FMCG ( fast moving consumer goods ) are products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost. Examples include non-durable household goods such as packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs and other consumables.other food preparation material like vegetable oils, salt,pepper, sugar flour ,rice ,gas etc .Are believed in more demand during lockdown in every type of market from small to large, in retail or in bulk because of daily consumables and utilities, If you are planning for any start up of business from past 2 months and due to novel corona virus you are unable to execute. As per the market situations in segment of market from economically weaker sections to strong sections FMCG daily consumables, food materials,other utilities are on peak in terms of demand nowadays.One can invest in this operational business easily without out any threat of failure. In this kind of business you have to be a mediator with small amount of margins .you have to borrow goods in small quantity from the direct distributor and then the same you will forward to small retail stores/shops with little amount of profit, fill the gap of commonly known as whole seller .You don’t need to invest much for such business start up as it will boost your skills of market so that the path of business leads towards more investments in future without any misconceptions or myths about retail market .some people think there is nothing like business in above description but I am much sure if you will start investing in this business with investment of $ 2000 or less than 2k ,you will never fall apart.I have experienced this before few days .

I invested 20000 and borrowed 4 types of biscuit packets with a margin of 80 paisa each biscuit packet and then sold the same to far flung areas and they are still asking me for the deal because i managed with margin of 20 paisa with gain of 10% of investment. But I invested 20k only in one commodity for better results ,you could option the same with one item till executed fully then turn on another as per market ,you will definitely get gains ,here if you can manage with little margin then your demand may increase and the motive of taking lesser margin should be as give away for those who are providing food packets to needy people or you can directly deal with such small scale NGO’s for providing goods in reasonable prices .It will create a goodwill and social work also if you will take less margin than others. You don’t need to pay rent for store or shop for operations ,you just need to produce customers by a small effort of marketing from door to door retail store or you can crack the deal over mobile phone ,with tactics and motivational attire. And you have to deliver order directly from seller with transport as mediators, without resting, in case of initial receiving you can store it in your home for a time being, because you are starting from zero , with a packet size business. One can start it from village level, town level for little competition of competitors ,mostly if this business can make a bridge from city towards far flung areas where means of transport and other related issues are deprived due to lockdown than you can make that priority for deal ,At the same time you can bring other deals aswell for next time, as I said for this business their is no lockdown ,no pandemic corona virus nothing, at the same time make sure of your safety and maintain precautionary protocols .this business during pandemic covid-19 not only help in boost your confidence towards business but also gives you sufficient amount of information related business nowadays.