Rising New World Order-II


Muhammad Ijaz;
Let’s see how unipolar power will own the chessboard of world politics and opportunist will get the benefit of it in the form of regional politics against the multipolar politics of China, Russia, Euro-Asia and other parts of Asia as expected multipolar politics. Problems of Trump have increased due to failure of his previous strategies regarding trade war, containment policy of the USA against China, failed alliances with the slogan of nationalism (America First) due to China’s counter-strategy in the form of economic handshake of BRI. Now regional politics in Asia, particularly in Central and West Asia, is not suitable for the USA in multiple ways such as in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan, the interest of USA is not going to secure accordingly. Lastly, America is going to conduct the election in November while Trump’s position in this election is not good due to his rhetoric of “reducing employment”. All his deeds have bitterly hit the American economy. The final strike of Covid-19 has hit his utopian model of employment. Almost 33 million Americans lost their jobs due to pandemic and oil war. Consequently, Trump will be held responsible because he is executive of the state. How Trump will justify all these maladministration’s acts to swing voters so that he can get their favour again. To get the support of his voters maybe he will cash the dead bodies of seventy-eight thousand Americans behind the curtain of biological warfare. The major point is that this time the blame game is swinging between two economic giants excluding third world countries. Let’s see, in near future, time is coming about the drop scene of the drama, either a new world order is going to design by the unipolar power or Uncle SAM will accept expected multipolar world politics. In the second type of situation, Trump will be the Boris Yeltsin of USA otherwise world politics will host an entirely new world order.