Improving Health system



As COVID-19 cases proliferate, the health care systems are straining under the surge of patients and a paucity of medical equipment like ventilators are very less amount .   Due to the health crisis,which demonstrate a negligence for Pakistani citizens,  the crisis has once again hit the country and there is no improvements in hospitals within the arrival of COVID-19 . Even the issue is really alarming which might lead to even worse until the crisis are recovered. If the pandemic would dramatically spread, so the health systems is not strenuous of handling so many patients and as well the hospitals do not contain the ventilators . Currently the coronavirus has sounded alarms in Pakistan. According to opinion of  the experts the month of May was very dangerous with regard to the spread of coronavirus . However, the role of other countries goverments who are trying hard to continue and develop the public health care systems , their strategies manages and staffing throughout the system and is responsible for each requirements. Across the globe , the health care policymakers face mounting pressure to lower costs while improving the quality and safety to care .  I implore the government of Pakistan to double the efforts and urgently deal with the health crisis.