A Warning Bell Imprint


Maryum Maqsood;

Invisible, implacable, lethal enemy, society-dissolving effects some catchphrases are trending about the novel Corona Virus. The most worrying aspect Covid-19 imprints is gliding the human minds in a very distinct path. A warning bell is ringing incessantly to wake up the nation to sense its existence. To recall the past mistakes and learns the wisdom in the backdrop. To feel the pain, feel the connection with Almighty Allah, to observe the COVID-19 drive. By naming it as invisible enemy is not the right approach, rather a warning bell to correct us. This warning bell has left a lasting imprint on the world’s memory.

Some united and turned entirely to Quran injunction but many on fancy mode. Some are still awaiting for the “Bill Gates controversial pronounced Vaccine” to inject lifeline. Humankind forgot the recent phase when dishonesty, corruption either material or intellectual was at its climax, when someone strived to document, the opportunist people always backlash, people were engaged in injustice as if they would never die while engaged in accumulation of wealth as if would never get this chance, when a judge proceeds a case of his criminal son, how can you expect a fair judgement? Where a Dean of University is a part of interview panel for the selection of PhD seat for his/her son how you can expect an impartial merit? Where honest people after spending a major part of life to study earn degree are seeking for jobs but the children of politicians and influential chaps buy it in a couple of days and in no time selected for the jobs on important positions. Where doctors are not treating patients rather dealing with patients. Where top to bottom everyone’s lifeline is “material gains.” When such evil desires altered the entire fabric of society and capitalism established its roots while sidelining the morality and values. Consequently, nature hit the rock bottom with a single warning bell in form of Corona Virus to alert those unjust players who unduly strengthened their foothold on this planet as they are “all in all.” And no one could deter them to pursue their evil motives. But they did not realize the power of “All and only Absolute Powerful Almighty Allah.” He Who with His absolute power revealed the relative nature of COVID-19 pattern. In a couple of days when some folks were seeing and observing the light buzz of the warning bell in form of natural calamities, the increasing intensity of the thunderstorm and an evolving climate change blows there appeared Covid-19 rather with a strong wave. All jolted but consequent imprints have further strayed away for many, hoarding et al acts enhanced their greed. What these sorry figures added to this uncertain situation, to snub and hit the people with sticks. In apropos to aforementioned, At Kohala check point Muzaffarabad a DSP was hitting and pushing folks as if they are not humans. What they remembered COVID-19 means “social distancing” what they forgot as if “they are humans too.” So what we learned while a warning bell is on our head? We learned to stay in self-quarantine (to some extent) but we did not learn how to walk to masjid. We learned to shut doors to worshippers but did not learn to restrict the followers of “Peer’s” to contain shirk. We learned how to close the doors of Masjid but did not learn how to close the doors of shrines.

We learned how to clean hands but we did not learn how to cleanse the soul? We learned to maintain physical distance but we did not learn to curb the physical abuse. “We sanitized our bodies before hugging loved ones but let the agencies of prostitutions and escort services run unchecked.” We learned to lecture people to stay home stay safe we did not learn this added to their insecurity even more. While we learnt everything, What we did not learn why they are avoiding staying in quarantine. We did not learn we have enough stock in hands, home, possessions, BMW’s, to stay safe at home but how they will burn their stoves. We learned our Pakistani people have some weird habits and hard to restrict them to the homes but we did not learn many safaid posh are also a part of this trajectory who in fear avoid quarantine. They were avoiding the quarantine not for the sake of one time meal but for their dignity of survival. Did we learn who wants to add his name on Wishlist of “Aa Bail Mujhy Maar? So what we learned? Nothing. What we did not learn? To change our attitude. A warning bell is ringing to sense the wisdom and reality of spiritual bell in the backdrop of novel Corona Virus. Then arrives the sounds of vaccination alarms across the world. The Gate foundation is now looking to test dangerous, possibly lethal vaccines in developing countries treating poor and underprivileged communities therein like lambs to the slaughter for the sole purpose of economizing the cure. In apropos to “GatesNotes THE BLOG OF BILL GATES What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine” he believes his anticipated vaccine if every person on this planet has been vaccinated against corona virus to save all and to return to normal. Whereas he endorsed the Dr. Anthony Fauci prediction it’ll take 18 months to develop this vaccine. He further elaborated that his foundation is supporting the development of an RNA (where you give the body the genetic code needed to produce the antigen itself) vaccine platform nearly a decade through his own funding and Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). He cued like small pox vaccines left a scar on the arm of anyone who got it, the COVID-19 vaccine might be similar. One group of Muslim religious scholars anticipated this even before and have a firm belief on an imminent “Dajjal Design or pattern” a mark on head to categorize everyone. While Gate Foundation is so generous to low income countries projected his foundation intends low-income countries should be some of the first to receive the vaccine because people will be at a much higher risk of dying in those places. Possibly, he wants to eliminate this word “risk” via vaccine to pursue his much awaited Malthusian depopulation agenda. Although the vaccination battle is not over yet, it would introduce new avenues to the interesting parties to pursue novel objectives in the wake of the new world order. So what for us to learn; we should never take this alarming bell lightly, as this time Almighty Allah showed his existence, revealed his closeness, demonstrated his wrath, exhibited his signs, pointed our canards, signaled our diverted path, whereby we crossed His limits, we indulge in everything that He strictly forbade.

If we sight a glimpse of recent years we were worshipping the shrines like never before, we were not only committing a shirk rather we were promoting it, top to bottom everyone was so engaged in greed as they were anticipating the death and have to accumulate everything before, Judges, Professors, Shopkeepers, bureaucrats, nurses, lawyers each and every single person whoever finds an opportunity to display Machiavellian traits and wasted no time in executing moral and intellectual corruption. Unfortunately, we not only became a part of capitalism but worshipping this system as a “Supreme authority.” We forgot the message of “Permanent life” for the pleasures of “Temporary Life.” As this novel Corona Virus spreads around the world, causing markets to plunge and potential to damage the global economy is rapidly becoming obvious. We must seek Help from Almighty Allah’s path. Particularly, the people in powerful positions must follow the motto of Alvin Toffler, learn, unlearn and relearn to keep up with the wants, needs, and desires of other humans. Unless and Until, the people in influential positions never change their attitude in deciding merit, even we come out of this pandemic crises we can never avoid Almighty Allah’s wrath in another form. One must not miscalculate the factual sound of this bell, as the warning bell was only a buzz, the upcoming would be the fiasco. Almighty Allah indicated in Quran, “Many people are slaves to their whims and desires and are not true slaves of Allah. They say that they are slaves of Allah, but when they are tested they turn on their heels and lose out in this world and in the Hereafter, and that is an evident loss.” A warning bell imprint; prompts us “We will never long for Paradise until we taste the bitterness of this world. How can we long for Paradise when we are content with this world?” The only message “One to whom Allah is as the soul in his body, his neck is not bowed before vanity.” While dealing with humans a warning bell imprint must be, “God’s mill grinds slow but sure.” Though Covid-19 hit everyone; but the wisdom in its backdrop is a blessing for some.

The writer is a an IR Scholar. She can be reached at [email protected]