Rising New World Order


Muhammad Ijaz;
Since March, uncertainty is prevailing regarding oil war in internationally along with COVID-19. Due to this pandemic, oil consumption in China reduced, and oil-producing giants, KSA and Russia are involved in egoistic loggerhead. Initially, Americans were enjoying it but gradually when oil politics prolonged, USA interest got hit because their cost of oil extraction was $23.35 for Shale oil and $20.99 for non-shale, Saudi oil is $8.98 and Russian oil’s cost is $19.21/barrel. Due to the tussle between Russian and KSA, America’s economic problems increased in two ways, they have to suffer on two fronts, first biological warfare of corona which compelled millions of people to lock themselves down and second oil trade war which caused unemployment. Keeping this in minds, American policymakers mingled the opposite stakeholder for their interest and got partial success regarding a nodding from OPEC and Russian side to cut down the supply of 9.7 million barrels/day. Meanwhile, Trump poked at twitter with the indication of reducing 20 million barrels per day overall. Here are interesting facts that should be noticed that how Americans are taking interest in this economic proxy war and Trump rushed to own the red phone of oil market instead of focusing over the breakdown of a pandemic due to which more than 70 thousands Americans suffered in the form of casualties.

American domestic affairs can become hard for Trump administration and can be forced to take a tough decision and have to hit his decision power because USA’s foreign policy is on the same position just like at the time of 9/11. Where Bush earned the sympathy of world politics over almost 3000 casualties of twin towers and got the license from international politics to kill thousands in third world countries to design a new world order in the name of a war on terror but in fact to strengthen his power as Uni-polar power politics. Being a student of political history, it is my observation that since 1945, world politics changed rapidly where the short span of bipolar politics changed into the unipolar politics within forty-five years while the unipolar politics with regional supervision could not survive more than twelve years. Similarly, the drama of war on terror could not survive for more than twenty years. For the survival of unipolar politics, it is necessary to flourish a new theme with the old psychology of unipolar politics. The casualties in the name of Covid-19 are available but the missing factor is that how these dead bodies can be connected with the already existing doctrine of catastrophic terrorism in which an indication was given by Uncle SAM that in such type of wave, non-state actors can use the chemical and biological weapons. Now at this eve, biological warfare is observed and experienced by the world community but so far missing factor is that how the doctrine of catastrophic terrorism and this pandemic can be connected in such a way that again Uncle SAM can get the benefit to design a new world order for next one or two decades. This time blame game of biological warfare is temporarily held between China and USA but under the table, think tanks of world politics is going on for the next designing. The whole developing and under-develop countries are waiting for the reaction of that death toll which is continuously increasing in the USA.