Prepare for India’s renewed aggression and sabotage – Masood Khan


Muzaffarabad:    (Parliament Times)     Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, said here on Sunday that the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Indian occupation forces and intelligence agencies are hatching a plot against Pakistan and the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He said, taking advantage of the world’s focus on COVID-19 and diversion of attention from the ongoing genocide in Kashmir the occupation authorities have intensified killing of Kashmiri youth and escalated the situation along the Line of Control. In the past month, they have killed more than forty young men in IOJK in staged encounters, he said.

“These are all extrajudicial killings and crimes against humanity”, said Masood Khan.

The occupation authorities did not expect two reactions to their murderous campaign in the occupied territory. First, the Kashmiris, despite being under a nine-month-old siege and COVID-19 lockdown came out in large numbers to openly protest against Indian repression and scorched earth policy. “The uprising is reminiscent of the mass protests and boycotts by Kashmiris after the martyrdom of Burhan Wani in 2016”, he said. Second, the international media once again is shining a spotlight on Indian atrocities and killings.

Unable to handle these two unforeseen developments, he said the Indian army and intelligence high command has decided to shift blame to Pakistan by weaving weak, specious stories that Pakistan was creating and funding new entities to fight the Indian occupation apparatus. “They know that the resistance is 100% indigenous”, he said adding that in addition to frequently violating the ceasefire along the LoC, the Indian intelligence hierarchy is making preparations for a false-flag operation and is wargaming to target different parts of Pakistan through proxy wars.

“The Indian occupiers have started to play the victim once again. Pakistan should prepare to counter different forms of aggression by India that it is poised to unleash against Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. This includes sabotage, espionage and propaganda”, he said.

Until recently the Indian authorities used to quote a figure of 230 indigenous “militants”. Now they report a spike of an additional 350 and are talking about fictitious “launch pads” in Azad Kashmir. They are preparing the ground for more oppression, more aggression.

“When you are pushed against the wall, you rise and reclaim what is yours. Victimhood paves the way for annihilation”, the President said, adding that Kashmiris now say that enough is enough and have risen once again against unrelenting repression.

Kashmir Police bury slain martyrs secretly and do not release their bodies to the families out of fear of massive funerals and demonstrations. “Now they are even scared of the dead bodies of Kashmiris. How are they going to deal with the living?”, he asked,

The President condemned the use of pellet guns, tear gas and live ammunition to quell protests in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. “Many would lose their eyesight. There would be blindings. There are fatalities”, he said.

President Masood said that while the international media and Zoom webinars have started highlighting the killing spree in IOJK, the UN Security Council remains silent. It has not uttered a single word over the New Domiciles Rules introduced to colonise the Jammu and Kashmir territory and enslave its people. “It must be clearly understood that the killing spree in the occupied territory and the ceasefire violations along the LoC are designed to create a smokescreen to implement the vicious agenda of New Domicile Rules modelled on Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws. “Kashmiris would be disenfranchised, displaced, forced out, massacred – all designed to create a Hindu Rashtra”, said Masood Khan.

President Masood Khan said that India is also flaunting irredentism. Recently, it has announced that it would include Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir in its weather bulletins. Though he said, this is an outrageous development, Pakistan should include weather forecasts of the areas of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir occupied illegally by India. “In this case, tit-for-tat is 100% legit. No nuances needed”, he said.