Failed authorities of Turbat


The Prime Minister of Pakistan decleared lockdown in entire Pakistan at intitial stage of corona pandemic, but also gave us some crucial guidance to prevent ourselves and told that only detail shops and medical stores should be open till 5Pm. The guidance and orders of PM are being followed by all citizens of the country except the citizens of Balocistan. Unfortunately,in Balocistan just 10 percent people are following the orders and guidances other rest aren’t, special the citizens of Mekran division are taking more lighter than others. Once I went to Bazar during lockdown for an urgent work, but what I saw see was intimidating and dreadful. All the shops were open including mobiles shops, cosmetic shops,shoes shops etc. I witnessed two police officers standing under the shelter of the shops and resting even though not refusing them not to open their shops. Additionally when DC (District Commissioner) comes to the bazar for a visit to check the conditions of the bazaar just this day they close their shops and next day again reopen their shops. Secondly, Ehsaas program is making the bazar two times more crowded than usually as a reason the money of Ehsaas people can can avail their money through easypaisa. We don’t get a single shop’s entrance empty where easypaisa facility is available. In front of every shop minimum a crowd of 100 people are standing,if in this condition corona virus will not spread then when will it spread? And at night almost every street is turned into a ground and illiterate people play cricket and football Therefore,I request to the CM of Balocistan to take pragmatic action over these failed authorities.

Kashif Sagheer