Dirilis Ertugrul


Muhammad Aftab Khan;

I have watched and read immense number of dramas but most notably I ever came across were Shakespeare’s Hamlet and, Christopher Marlow’s Dr Faustus and now “Dirilis Ertugrul”. There is no denying in this fact that dramas of Shakespeare and Marlow are the masterpieces and their entire literature is timeless for ever. On the contrary, What is the talk of town now is “Ertugrul Ghazi”. With the suggestion of my dear friend Muhammad Shafiq khan, I am pursuing this drama these days and waiting for further episodes impatiently. It is written by a Turkish writer Mehmet Buzdag. like Emily Bronte, Buzdag has wrote only one drama which has became a top trend on internet. This drama was first released on December 10, 2014 in Turkey. Interestingly, after a few episodes it became most popular drama in Turkey and now it has spread in rest of the world.

It has been translated in more than 150 languages in all over the world. It has divided into five sessions that contains 150 episodes. It was launched in 1st Ramadan in Pakistan on government channel PTV home and I am pursuing since then. I have learned lot of Islamic teachings, real culture and traditions of Islam, manners, ethics, how to respect elders and teachers , how to give respect to our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) how to talk , how to behave, how to react vice versa. Being a student of literature, here I can see many similar things in characters of this very drama like, brevity of Hamlet, morality of Parson Adam, virginity of Joseph Andrews, chastity of Pamela, brutality of villain is something like Modi,ism or Holocaust, superiority of God and inferiority of man. Moreover, writer has used negative capability like Shakespeare in many dialogues. Unlike Jane Austin there is no limited range of theme , rather there are several themes like, war and peace , love and marriage, sacrifice, generosity, unselfishness, chastity , responsibility, respect, fall of pride, brevity, truth, wit, ascendency of good over evil and many more. It reveals the fake plans of Jews, it tells us the history of Muslims, it tells us the khilafat of Usman, the son of Ertugrul. They ruled over three subcontinents for six centuries. Characters justify the Islam that it is the complete code of conduct Islam is not a religion of terrorism nor extremism rather it is the religion of humanity , generosity, justice and complete code of life. Furthermore, characters are the identity of real Muslim having beard on their faces and their darlings are covered in Hijabs, they have no pride, lust , greed, envy, gluttony ,wrath, or sloth , they are pure Muslims. we are living in a era of technology, Our generation has forgotten the history of Muslims and the heroes of Islam. This drama is not only a source of entertainment rather it guides, teaches, encourages, and motivates the Muslims. undoubtedly, this drama do influence the Muslim society and plays an important role in our lives.

It shares the tom’s pain it guides the misguided duck it heals the unhealthy mind of hurry that’s why it is my favorite drama. I do enjoy this drama that fascinates and guides me for the rest of my life. To conclude, I may say that this drama takes us through a journey with its character Ertugrul Ghazi, who explores and experiences immense pain ,which brings an earnest viewpoint to the misguided present generation youth, who are neither familiar with the Islamic principles nor with its teachings. To me this drama appears to be a learning for the present generation as well as for all future generations to come. I will treasure it in my heart remember it as a lesson for life.

The writer is a student of English literature. He can be reached at [email protected]