COVID19; An Epiphany for the Believers


PAUL KALANETHI in his book “WHEN BREATH BECOMES AIR”,says, ‘The angst of facing mortality has no remedy in probability’. These lines go well with the current frenzied situation, where everyone with pent up emotions, is witnessing the mortality of this world. To start with, while the whole world is lamenting on the mayhem brought by covid19,there are epiphanies for the believers to ponder upon. With deep meditation, one can easily perceive the signs of God around him/her. Subsequently, this deadly disease has not only awaken us from the deep slumber, but also has given us the chance to repent for our unatoned sins. It has enabled us to understand that, the ultimate supremacy lies in divinity and worldly powers and credentials are ineffective. Moreover, these uncertainties and unpredictabilities have disclosed the reality that ,humanistic decisions and plans are solely dependant on God’s commandments. In addition, by the closure of all mosques and religious places, God has given us chance to serve humanity as humanity comes first. The busy race of life has made us forgetful about the importance of people in our lives but through social distancing and disintegration Almighty is allowing us to realize the importance of people around us.. Moreover, regardless of colour,creed,religion and sects, whole world is striving to combat the disease which gives a lesson of harmony and proves that “humanity is the only religion”. Hence, this deadly disease is a stroke of serendipity and a sort of Phoenix, from the ashes of which, a new humanity(with all the amendments)can arise.

Huda Shah