Years’ old case still haunts Saira Naveed, her family


ISLAMABAD,(Parliament Times): The case of Jan Mohammad’s daughter, who went missing after marrying a friend from a university in Islamabad, is still a giving nightmares to Saira Naveed and her family. Jan Mohammad filed a false case against Saira Naveed at the local police station and threatened to kill Saira and her family because he holds Saira responsible for his daughter’s elopement.

Saira, fearing for her life, fled the country with her children and went abroad, but Jan Mohammad still files cases against Saira and her family in various courts and police stations. Frustrated at Saira’s escape, Jan Mohammad has now started threatening Saira’s parents. It has become impossible for them to get out of the house.

It may be recalled that, Jan Mohammad has threatened to shoot Saira’s brother in law, Naveed’s brother, in public. Now Jan Mohammad has threatened to kill Saira’s parents if they don’t force her to return to Pakistan along with her family and face the cases against her. Saira’s parents have told this reporter that they live in constant fear but will never ask their daughter and her family to return to Pakistan.