Kinship can be peril in pendamic


Abdul Malik Soomro;
Ironically, Pakistan has survived a lockdown longer than 1.5 months with the impasse between the Centre and Sindh regarding the policies to curb the remorseless pandemic resulting in dilemma creating throes for everyone. Albeit, the government is walking a tightrope of saving life and livelihood concurrently by developing SOPs for SMEs and increasing their testing capacity to the max. Meanwhile, both Print and Digital media play their part by underling the perils of COVID-19. In the interim, doctors and paramedics are sparing no efforts to restrain the ruthless Virus but despite all the entreaties of Doctor and Media, some people are paying no heed to the pandemic and considering it ordinary flu. Specifically talking about interior Sindh where ethnicities have their homes in clusters. Due to lockdown, everyone is free and visiting their relatives frequently and wandering in their kinship houses. These people are serving as transporters for the Virus to their beloved. Therefore Government and Media need to consort with chieftains of various kinships and tribes to raise more awareness about the COVID-19.