In Dadu district hospitals, Isolation wards operate without ventilators


By Rehan Ali Khushik

DADU. The hospitals and Isolation wards in Dadu district are without ventilators.

While, the four ventilators are not functioning in the hospitals of Dadu district since 2010.

Two ventilators are out of order at civil hospital Dadu, one at taluka hospital KN Shah and one at taluka hospital Johi due to different reasons.

100 beds were arranged at Isolation wards established at hepatitis center Dadu, civil hospital Dadu, taluka hospitals KN Shah, Johi and Mehar but there is not a single ventilator and none functioning ventilators are not repaired to operate.

Citizens showed a fear that due to not running of the ventilators, the deaths of patients of Corona virus –COVID-19 can be occurred or they can face difficulties, in the emergency.

“The budget of million rupees was utilized in the name of fighting with COVID-19, but ventilators are not repaired and proper facilities of bath room, diet was not available at Isolation wards in Dadu, KN Shah, Johi and Mehar hospitals “ “said a citizen, Mohammad Khan”.

“Only beds were kept at Isolation wards in the hospitals of Dadu district but there was no proper arrangement to look into the patients at Isolation wards” “said a social activist Mohammad Hanif.”

“On daily base, budget was being passed through fake bills from district accounts office and treasury in the name of facilitating the COVID-19 patients but all Isolation wards and hospitals lacks basic facilities” “said a civil society activist Ghulam Nabi,”

In this regard, DHO Dadu, Dr Zahid Hussain Dawachh said that the ventilators placed, two at civil hospital Dadu, one at KN Shah and one at Mehar taluka hospitals are out of orders. He said that there are two reasons, one is there was no trained staff to run them and secondly they needs to repair. DHO Dadu said that total 100 beds were arranged at Isolation wards at civil hospital Dadu, taluka hospitals KN Shah, Mehar, and Johi at hepatitis center Dadu.

Civil Surgeon of the civil hospital Dadu, Dr Abdul Hameed Meerani said that two ventilators are not functioning since 2010 as they were provided to this hospital. He said that both ventilators had needed to repair. He said that parts of both ventilators had need to change or repair. He said that technical engineers related with health department government of Sindh had visited civil hospital Dadu some 30 days back, when he had written them to repair the out of order both ventilators.

He said that technical engineers of health department had informed him that it needs to change some parts but due to locked down situation, it was not possible to arrange the parts of ventilators to change. He said that it need to proper technician to run them but trained technicians were not posted or appointed to look into the both ventilators. He said that isolations wards are running without ventilators at civil hospital Dadu. He said that on urgent base, the none functioning, ventilators should be repaired and should be operated.

Medical Superintendent of Johi hospital, Dr Ghulam Mstafa Lashari said that there was only a single ventilator but it was also out order since the years. He said that there was no any trained staff to run it or repair it. He said that Isolation ward for COVID-19 patients was established comprising on seven beds at Johi hospital. He said that he had sent demand to DHO Dadu office for supplying him ventilators for COVID-19 isolation ward.

Speaking with this correspondent Medical Superintendent of taluka hospital KN Shah, Dr Abdul Qadir Shaikh said that as soon as, ventilator was provided to taluka hospital KN Shah, it was lying un-functioning since the last 10 years. He said that there is no any technician to run it.

Medical Superintendent Mehar taluka hospital Dr Hameed said that two Isolation wards comprising on 13 beds for COVID-19 patients but it requires the ventilators for face any untoward situation or emergency.