Educational Woe

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Government schools of Turbat have ultimately been fail to provide quality education. There are many reasons behind this damaged system of education. Behind, cheating in exams, unqualified teachers, unavailability of in-demand facilities, insincerity of parents and children, there is a sever underground political propaganda being played by reputable nobles and government officials to cripple the education system in all over Baluchistan. Everyone can realize what is happening in their surroundings. Let us throw some light on the fundamental issues which were the primary policies of the government to decay the roots of well-growing education system of the province. It was started with the solo poison of open cheating in examination. However, it meant to break the studious courage and stamina of students. Allah, the almighty is witness that students from the first classes to master took the help of cheating to pass their exams. University of Baluchistan was alone the first government university in Baluchistan to provide masters education where everyone from Baluchistan was on the way to learn. But it was deeply infected by the political virus of cheating until today University of Baluchistan is celebrating its antique culture in examinations. Furthermore, quoting Brad Henry who said, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning”. Teacher is a very respectable figure and reluctantly pointing at some teachers because you know that for a long time teachers in schools of Turbat have been unproductively performing their duties. Though, teacher is considered to be a spiritual father but one angrily holding a stick and a book shouting at students is nothing but a forced puppet. A father cannot be a puppet, neither a shouting soldier but a father is a sincere, inspiring, hopeful, encouraging, and well prepared teacher. And such teachers deserve more rewards. On the other hand, twenty Daewoo buses can be parked on a stage of auditorium hall of a university in Lahore and equipped with every facilities needed contemporarily or in future, but in Turbat there is not a single class in any school which can seat more than two hundred students. Anyhow, evidences are piled up in internet, everyone knows the present consequences and the future implications. However, mostly parents have always been punctual to send their kids in schools but a few parents hardly observe their children’s activities whether their children are really going to schools, whether they are seriously studying or not. A few only do check and balance but a larger number is busy with businesses. The consciousness and realization hit the parents over the failure of their kids. It is not only a problem in Turbat, but a problem in all Makran. The father of a failed Mujahid (Struggler) proudly moves towards school for a request to promote his child to next class. Teachers listen to their request because of their family relations or fear. Consistently, there has always been more and more injection of political propagandas in the education system of Baluchistan. There are indirect destructions of the education system like spreading drugs, recruiting youths for political and intelligence tasks. Is it really true that drug has a certain link with decaying roots of education system in Turbat? Of course yes, because drug is available in schools even. It is how many students, who eat ‘Gotka’ and ‘Panparag’ or involved in more dangerous drugs, convince their fellows to do so. Although, a huge number of students quit getting education after matric because of poverty but drug addiction is a very bad impact also. Those who are accountable for damaging the education system, are always among us. The one who educates their kids out of Turbat, the one who politicizes every situation and the one who only contemplates for their personal progression, will never tolerate the development of Turbat. To sum up, a good education system produces not only professional administrators but also peace-loving human being. It is the duty of every individual in Turbat to play their part for a good cause for a revolution in education system of Turbat. -The writer is a student of Baloch English Language Center Turbat.

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