COVID-19: What effect does it have for the future of Education?


The novel coronavirus has sparked a global realization and has possibly changed our lives . It has collapsed our perception. The effects of the fatal virus has brought a troublesome for teachers and student . As per the UNESCO estimated, over 154 crores students are severely impacted by the closure of educational institutions across the world amid the coronavirus outbreak . It even present an unprecedented risk for children’s education. Schools display a vital role create greater understanding between students since they provide them physiological support. With no education for months rates of domestic abuses and fights over custody arrangements have been on the rise. Especially the children would spend alot looking at smartphones and the learning gaps will undoubtedly widen between children from poorer and better- off homes . The dignity and important of education would be more forgettable for the children around the globe COVID-19 is putting the global education into a tailspin . The current crisis has put the population to gaze deep on what remains in future without being engaged with knowledge. Many countries are heading for very sudden and unprecedented recession . Since with the arrival of coronavirus in China which emerged in late December 2019 , the countries have worked up to close borders , institutions and schools to avoid the virus . In done ways the economic harm of keeping schools close is significant.

But what goes very inaccurate for the world without accompanying a greater gift ? Regardless, In Pakistan educational system is entirely disturbed too . While many people’s opinions about opening schools in denied and many issues need to resolved for schools to open more fully classes to encourage knowledge since lockdown effects prioritising children who struggle most with learning and come up with disadvantaged circumstances. In other countries that facilities have been maintained as schools are working hard to deliver the best learning possible to pupils at home inorder to be not deprived of this special online learning which is beneficial in the current time of COVID-19. The novel coronavirus may have forced Pakistan’s schools to temporarily close . Regardless, the education sectors in the country was meloriated . Now, due to the effects of COVID-19 , which has forced millions not people under lockdown and especially, poor are unable to maintain online learning . Perhaps the government is not much concerned about it . In fact online learning can help students to learn subjects that aren’t always available in schools . Sadly there is lack of resources or staffs to learn well and struggle to teach a full range of schools such as computer science or advanced mathematics . Obviously in this way , students look to online learning platforms to connect students to teachers in virtual classrooms in the country to improve learning. It’s now obvious how do we depends upon it and create greater connection to improve learning.