The rudest book ever


(Book Review)

Parvez Moula Bakhsh;
The Book, the rudest book ever which is written by an Indian author Shwetabh Gangwar, is probably one of the best self-help books which I have ever read. The book contains 224 pages, it has divided into seventeen chapters, and it was published in 2019. Really, I have spent and enjoyed too much time by reading this. Moreover, I have experienced a lot and gained a huge number of knowledge from the book so, I think, it may provide you countless unexperienced knowledge when you read it understandingly. Furthermore, It is one of my favorite books which I loved to read more and more. Undoubtedly, the book needs slow readers because it is somehow lengthy as well as there are a few stopping points to be noted. If we talk about the book what about it is, then we should discussss about our parenting, how we are controlled by our societies, our workplaces and what should be our mindsets to overcome the catastrophic situations and the toxic people around us. The reason why it appeals so much is becuse of its conversational style and use of colloquial language which feels like as if your elder brother is giving you advice, and it is the reason why the readers feel connected to the text. The book is a collection of perspectives and ideas on freeing your mind from all bullshit. The truth of life you would rarely hear from parents, friends, society, or from social media. It is rightly defined in the book that you are 100% yours own so, never expect a miracle or a magic pill to fix any of your problems and there is nobody who cares about you. Really, No one cares unless they have a motive to do so. Also, Nobody thinks about you when almost everyone is self-absorbed within themselves. Inspirationally, People are superheroes in their own stories entangled with lies and bullshit but it does not work out. The author says, learn how to think. If you ever encounter an issue, thought, or anything you want to know about, think on your own. Which comes from someone’s mind If you do not know, you too have a mind. Give your 100%. And then You will know the answers of many questions. at least come up with an idea. Later compare your thinking with others via books, internet, podcast, or any sources available. But firstly, you are on your own. Always remember you, yourself, and doing what you think is the best matter most than anything else. Everything else is secondary. You do not have to always use swear words to make a powerful impact. Sometimes that sounds very artificial. People might wish for little more depth in some of the issues in which brevity wasn’t desired. In beforehand, you read this book, make sure to read it slowly and re-read the chapters to understand the meaning completely. The main purpose of this book is to make you think, to make you evaluate your life and rewire it in such a way that nobody dares to exploit you again, and the book fulfils the purposes. I Highly recommend this book to every single reader, specially the youths who are called the backbone of the country. Really, It is certainly a book of worth reading. Thus, this should not be neglected. The book does not bore any body because its amazing content, excellent writing style and systematic approach of the writer has seriously attracted me to read more and more. While, all of about the book I said are very essential not be ignored. So, I offer you, the readers that you should read the book which is available on amazon or buy it from a book shop nearby you.