Appointment of PSC chairman unconstitutional says opposition leader


ISLAMABAD,(Parliament Times): While terming the appointment of Azad Kashmir Public Service Commission chairman as unconstitutional and illegal the leader of Opposition in the Azad Kashmir Law Assembly Chaudhry Muhammad Yasin has said that the government’s move would be challenged in the court of law after consulting legal experts.

He said that as per the rules set forth in the 13th amendment Government cannot appoint the chairman of the Public Service Commission without the advice or consultation of the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly. “Therefore, the government’s appointment is unconstitutional and illegal”, Yasin said. He said that it was quite astonishing to note as why the government was in such a rush to make decision without fulfilling the legal provisions even when the Leader of the Opposition was present in the country

“These kind of extra-constitutional measures have no significance whatsoever”, the opposition leader said adding that such decisions foster an atmosphere of anarchy in the country. He said that there was no scope for any action against the law and order. He said that legal consultation was underway to take up this illegal act of the government of Azad Kashmir in all forums including the assembly and judiciary.