Poverty drags to suicide


Shahnaz Rustum;

Poor’s life gets pessimistic due to poverty. Poverty makes everything invaluable. It deprives poor from their dreams and kill their desires. Recently there were many cases of suicides due to lack of food in consequence of ongoing situation faced by corona. In my country, poverty astonishes me to reveal the life of impoverished and famished people that how they are spending their day and night for better tomorrow. How they are living for a hope to see tomorrow’s sun rise. Poverty crumbles the desires consequently they believe themselves inferior.

It’s excruciating for them to accept their crippling life when they have many expectations. When they wish for something, eventually, they have to calm down with having nothing in hand. Every human wishes a perfect life and hopes to get a place in the sun. In the same way poor wish to live a prosperous life, they want a perfect future, love and care, need respect, which every human desires.  Subsequently, it hurts me to illustrate the life style of poor in my country, they are sacrificing their itsy bitsy desires just because of our and government’s recklessness, I regret we can’t give them a dime that they could finish their starvation at once. Government must try to restrain poor’ life, being ruined. We should rescue them to come out of this hopeless life and reassure them that they could enjoy their life in the way, they wish to live. Imagine yourself in their place and you can feel what they feel. It is request to all humanity to help the poor near you in this ongoing menace.