Humble Request to attach importance to my viewpoint


Azhar Azad Mughal;
18th constitutional amendment is being debated on purpose by govt circles in Islamabad to prepare ground for its reversal and rollback which can inflict irreparable damage and prove disastrous to the interests and unity of the country. I miserably fail to understand why the attempts are being made to deprive the provinces of their limited autonomous status they enjoy under the amendment. 18th Amendment is known as Consensus-based document after years’ labour and joint efforts of mainstream political forces of the country which culminated in its enactment passed in 2010 with majority of votes in the National Assembly. The amendment aimed at empowering provinces in the matters pertaining to their domain and no unnecessary involvement of the centre in provincial matters and subjects was allowed.It was deemed violation of provincial autonomy envisioned in the amendment. he sanctity of 1973 constitution had been violated time and again by military regimes which was deemed necessary to be corrected. The moral obligation and sole responsibility lies with the centre to thwart the efforts aiming at destabilising the federation. Sabotaging the historical document for appeasing the centristic streak can bring about divisions between federation and federating units which is in no way in the larger interests of the country. At this critical juncture, when collective wisdom and voice of sanity is miserably needed to be prevailed to combat and contain the covid-19 pandemic, talking 18th amendment in connection with its derailing and roll backing is considered to be folly and naivety on the part of the present day rulers who are in favour of presidential form of govt at the whims and caprices of others. This would trigger controversies and rivalries between centre and provinces resulting in agitation on the part of those who dedicated two years of their lives to remove the stigmas on the soul of the constitution of the country. The country can only lead to the path of tremendous progress and prosperity in each and every field and discipline of life if provinces enjoy autonomous status. n case, the centre pokes its nose in provincial subjects under the domain of 18th amendment, the controversies and rifts between centric streak provinces are sure to trigger. The secret of country’s stability lies in granting provincial autonomy to the federating units.The major chunk of revenue collection generated in Sindh,rich in natural as well as mineral resources, goes to the centre. All the political forces after developing consensus in the light of the two years’ deliberations from para to para succeeded in having nod from majority of the members of the National Assembly. It was really historic moment in the history of the country.This made the country more stable and the prevailing sense of deprivation among the fedeeating units decreased to some extent. The attempts to clip provinces’ powers on the part of centric mindset would be considered unwise and resisted by those who toiled hard to shape the country on the lines laid by the founding father in this connection. By implementing guiding principles, visionary approach and following footprints of the Quaid in letter and spirit, we are sure to take our beloved country to the path of visible progress, prosperity and abiding peace. If PTI-led govt at centre has any genuine reservations despite being signatory on the historic document and taking part in favour of the the amendment, it has every right to take due course by resorting to the platform of the Council of the Common Interests known for resolution of such issues, and in case it raises this matter in the National Assembly it will suffer setback on account of lack of required number to reverse or rollback the amendment. Secondly, it would lose its support base in the provinces where it rules with coalition partners or single-handedly. For the weaker and smaller federating units, the reversal of the amendment would give birth to acrimony and agitation and not serve the long term interests of the country. I think the idea of making the 18th amendment an issue should be dropped at once for the sake of stability of the country. If step-motherly attitude is meted out to the federating entities, it would surely ignite and foment the sense of deprivation among the people hailing from weaker and smaller provinces. If the voice of wisdom and sanity does prevail in the country, it requires us to be cautious and stop debating the matters of critical and sensitive nature regarding provinces’ authority to exercise their powers delegated to them in the light of the historic 18th constitutional amendment.