COVID-19: Taking Human’s Power- a way to Wisdom

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The rise of coronavirus patients is a cause of concern for every individuals in the country. As the global pandemic accelerate, it has torn apart the world’s economies with experts warning of a global recession. There is a sharp increase in number of outbreaks generating fear for the communities . However, the average number of fatality died from COVID-19 is more than 2 million globally. Secondly we don’t see satisfactory efforts maintained by PM of Pakistan . Gradually the greater devastation coronavirus brought worst consequences. The supporting team to fight against COVID-19 is attempting lack of response to support teams in the country and for high- level assessment missions and no any operational planning addressing research gaps . Due to the lockdown restrictions the country is entirely suffering as Pakistan can’t afford a prolonged lockdown in such situations . The major sector is to focus in the country is about health developments in hospitals. Well the shortage is being found instead of protective equipments . Pakistan can really be harmed as the threats of COVID-19 could attack the complete societies and their cures. It is high time for the health authorities to be focusing on every structures and be ensure that to overcome coronavirus is our strategy. Though searching for a vaccine would be the world’s greatest challenge but behaving through every propaganda would be the accurate viewpoint to work through fundalmantal laws. In fact human power is the best recording through which the voice is focused. No doubt the world initially suffers from COVID-19 but the only thing that is going to meloriate is just humanity’s reaction.

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