COVID-19 increased: Bandipora District Ranks 1st in whole Kashmir Valley

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Faizan Afzal Sofi;
Bandipora the district in north kashmir is famous by Alim, Adab and Aab. Now everything is quite at here as the more positive number of cases increased day by day.This create fear among people. Maximum areas are converted into Red Zones and their side by side are known as buffer zones. People make themselves as dumb and deaf as the situation is worst . COVID-19, the term as coronavirus disease born in wuhan area in Decmber last year. Millions of home became peopleless. As it increased day by day, the virus affect the whole country. More and more People are involved in this day by day. Everyone is well aware about this as everyday it is announced in high volume at every where. It creates confusion among people in their day to day life. In the year 2020, the virus infected the people of india.Then the virus increased fastly in kashmir same as like wind is moving from one place to another.

Kashmir called The Paradise on Earth was famous for its different beautiful destinations is know dead. In kashmir the virus got affected as every district with different numbers in positive cases as Bandipora district ranks1st in kashmir valley as more than hundred cases. Bandipora as the district is famous for Asias largest fresh water Wular Lake , its villages with different names and people with every type of community maintains its beauty. But as the virus covid-19 infect the whole town.The name of place bandipora is know at the top in every news. Many villages called Red zone areas as Hajin, Hakbara, Naidkhai Gundjahangeer, Gund Qaiser, Gund dachina, Nowgaam, Bankoot, Madwan, kunan with different number of positive active cases. In total their are 690 cases out of which 390 are active positive cases in whic bandipora is on highest rank with more than 100 in number. As the virus infected people some among them lost their life. As more and more active cases in different age groups with different gender make everyone curious about his/her life. Psychological disorders like sense of insecurity, reactive depression, anxiety attacks and sleeplessness have suddenly increased among people due to dreadful coronavirus. For making the care of those patients their will be more then 10 quaranteen centres available at different areas of bandipora. Everyone who have any foreign history have report their only care for themselves and for their society. Government have announced it that do not want to contact with positive people, keep social distancing as this is the main solution of how to controll the virus. The more positive cases were those people who where the members of any tableege jamat amd later on also with their family members. As it is the epidemic disease that varies from one person to another. If any person have tested positive then the whole family with their other relatives as also their neighbours will be quaranteen for sometime.

I think from one side it is for their safety but somehow this is also the main reason of increased this virus. In these centres their are well arrangements for caring them. Paramedical staff, doctors and nurses doing 24hours duty as shift wise only for their recovery. Doing duty in such stuff is dreadfull for them when they go in their family. Listen for instructions from your local government about staying at home, keep social distancing from others, clean hands, dont touch your eyes, nose or mouth, cover cough and sneezs with your elbow or tissue as these are the common prevention tips how to stop the spread of covid -19 , a deadly virus. As the lockdown is increased only by COVID-19 decreased but it will only possible to Stay safe stay at home. Dont go outside without any task but if anyone have any important work then follow these above steps to make your mind ready before going anywhere. wear mask properly to keep social distancing when you need talk to anyone. Avoid handshakes but not salaam only for this time but not make it habit for your whole life as it is quality of muslims to make salaam before saying anything. As a kashmiri we call it (kalaam se pahle salaam karo). Authorities have good expectations from people of Bandipora with their unique qualities as Alim and Adab to help them how to end this virus and make Bandipora clean from COVID

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