China US controversy:


Muhammad Aftab Khan:

Controversy is a disagreement with two sides openly debating and continuous for a long time. History tells us the greatest controversial issues in the world like Kashmir issue, black lives and the role of Martin Luther King and nelson Mandela , capitalism and Karl Marx, feminism, Adolf Hitler, Israel Palestine controversy, NATO, Osama bin laden, sexual harassment, Taliban, French revolution, US civil war, anti Muslim violence in India , Socrates, mother Teresa, Chinese language policies and now the COVID-19. In contemporary, China and US are the metaphors of controversy especially on coronavirus outbreak. Interestingly, they are unable to fight because of the long distance between them and war of words is exceptional. US is considered as the superpower in the world. It has pride on its wealth and power. Pursuing and fighting with innocents is the tradition of US. History knows that US is interested in governing and ruling on underdogs and subordinates including Afghanistan, and also involved in Palestine and Kashmir issue. Broadly speaking, It did not face nor interfere with equal power ever. Here, I am to discuss why the US is pursuing china. China is a highly populated country in East Asia and rest of the world. It covers approximately 9,600,00 square kilometers. It is one of the first civilized country in the world. China has 2.3 million active troops. China has the largest standing military force in the world. It is commanded by the Central Military Commission. China has the second-biggest military reserve force, only behind North Korea. China has second largest military budget round about 151.5 billion US dollars. Interestingly, China doesn't reveal it's real military budget, which is much higher than official budget. China is recognized as a nuclear weapons state which is actively working for further developments. As for as the economy is concerned, it has second world largest economy approximately 13.5 trillion US dollars. China has three out of the ten largest stock exchanges in the world. China has been the world Number one manufacturer since 2010, after overtaking the US, which had been Number one for the previous hundred years. China is the second largest retail market in the world. China reduced extreme poverty by 800 million. According to the global wealth report, In 2019, China overtook the US by becoming the state of having highest number of rich people in the world. Additionally, China is the largest telecommunication market in the world. China is promoting Chinese language in all over the world. China is growing rapidly and doing business in all over the world. China also exports it's products in the world. It seems that China is going to be a super power, that is a big sorrow for the United States. Rapid growth and developments is a big threat for US. That is the reason, Chinese innovations are unbearable for Trump and his courtiers. That's why President Donald Trump has repeatedly chosen to call the coronavirus the "Chinese virus". His hawkish Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls it the "Wuhan virus", Initially, Trump and his administration was not taking this virus seriously. They failed. They were seeing it as another opportunity to assert "America First" and supposed superiority of theirs system. But they couldn't. Now they are blaming and abusing on China and claims that this virus is produced by China but world health organization has declared this virus as ‘pandemic’. WHO says that this virus is not man made but Trump and his administration did not accept the statement of WHO, rather they criticized on WHO. This is not just a war of words, something more fundamental is going on as the both countries have nuclear weapons and rest of the world should take part and play their role in resolving their matter. As Bernard Shaw said " playing bad is better than to be a good spectator". This time is crucial for entire humanity and being human We are to solve this matter with mutual understandings. All nations must unite against this Corona Crisis instead of fighting between themselves. – The writer is a student of BS English final year in university of poonch Azad Kashmir.