Stay at home to stay safe


Parvez Moula Bakhsh;
Staying at home is one of the major measurements to stay safe. Staying at home means staying safe at the time of coronavirus but still people are seemed interested to make social connection, and social gatherings on the streets, roads, hotels, shops, and many other places. Why? Let me clearly say that when your are safe, the people are safe who are near to you. So, you should try to take safety measurements by yourself and for yourself even for your loved ones. I am writing to tell the public of my country that your cooperation is needed actually, for staying safe, Everyone needs to cooperate with the doctors and government. Unfortunately to say that many people have taken it as a fun and many people do not even accept it. Shortly to say that thousands of people have lost their precious lives and many people are still in serious conditions and taking their last breathing. Due to this the world is facing a long term of lock down which is causing many losses on the economy of any country. In fact the, the world has been losing too much from the day when the virus was started to spread around the world .Sorrowfully, But still some people have no tensions, they want to finish lock down not corona because for killing the virus lock down is very important in every places. On the other hand, some people have taken it making jokes really taking selfie with masks, making funny videos on tik tok, making funny songs on coronavirus pandemic are the vernulable acts which are being done by some of careless and irresponsible people. Really, not cooperating with the heroes, doctors means not cooperating with the ownselves. But some of careless people are not interested to accept this ugly truth. Furthermore, if you can not do it for yourselves but you must do cooperations with the government and doctors for your family members, friends, and other loved ones who are closer to you. However, the government of Sindh has taken a large number of actions to stop the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19. Also, there are too many people who are cooperating with the government and taking safety measures to stop it. On the other hand, there are some careless and irresponsible people who are giving raises to the virus. The most essential thing to say is that when one person suffers from the virus then other people will obviously be in the risk of being affected by the virus. Therefore, not just few people need to take care, and other safety actions for this but also everyone in the world has to be careful and responsible. Otherwise, those people who are innocent will also suffer from a lots of problems due to the people who do not understand and give raises to corona pandemic. Despite losing too much things, people are still seemed to be interested to celebrate festival, and join social gatherings, which are very hazardous and risky for everyone single person at the time of coronavirus. It is rightly said that there is always a way if there always a will. Means the the time of lock down will be more productive by spending time with the family, and reading books as well as the Prime minister Imran khan announced that he will give fund to the public of the country and said the public does not have to go to anywhere for earning and working because they will be given relief funds as well. So, everyone needs to cooperate and take safety measurements to stop the spread of deadly virus, Corona . Avoiding gatherings, and staying at home should be done by everyone by the time. Also washing the hands, wearing masks and covering the bodies because your safety is also your families’ and country’s safety.