‘Someone please tell me to stay home’!!-II


The consistent social interaction, positive feedback and connectiveness was therapeutic, it gave her an identity that she felt belonged to and most of all a purpose and HOPE! Covid 19 has impacted the world in more ways than just the respiratory system. The biological, social and economic collapse has inflicted a tremendous degree of psychological trauma, compatible only by ones as a result of warfare or natural disasters. The scale of this is widespread – both in terms of magnitude as well as mortalities, and this is just the beginning. I might not yet be the one intubating the covid positives, however my services help those who’ve been through the ordeal, have friends and family suffering and the ones struggling provides a holistic view of mental illness that focuses on the person, not just their symptoms. The journey of through a Mental Illness is a tedious and at times torturous. There is little hope of complete cure, we base our prognosis on ‘recovery’ – it being the ongoing and ultimate goal depicting improvement. Therefore, more of a journey than a destination profoundly influenced by people’s expectations and attitudes and requiring a well organised system of support from family, friends or professionals. A structure that has fell through drastically due to recent viral calamity. As the world sinks deep in the fathoms of Physical Battle with a biological enemy, what’s imminent is the return of the psychologically wounded, War Veterans and Victims alike, in leaps and bounds. What is extraordinary in this case however is how vulnerable does it make us – the healthcare workers to the enemy itself. Battling against the tide, blatantly exposed to the assailant, its exceptional how the wounded and healer stand equally susceptible, drastically defenceless, facing this uncharted malefactor. This is a sight of dreams, a sight so surreal, and most certainly never this palpably notable. I cannot but wonder how, as human walked indoors, shutting gates behind him, did rest of the universe rejoiced in unison For may be we stand answerable to nature, for the centuries of choices we made, at the expense of this earth and its inhabitants bar humans!?

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