Lockdown is not same for everyone: it is more Hectic.

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Faizan Afzal Sofi;

Here it is lockdown, there it is lockdown, where it is the place as everywhere was lockdown. As we all know about the term LOCKDOWN because we all are involved in this. Lockdown, as the term is used as same for whole country but it is not same for everyone at everywhere. stay safe, stay at home nowadays as everyone is much aware about these words as it is repeated again and again only for your safety. People make this in a joking way but not think upon why and How they told this again and again everyday. People are bussy in their day to day life at everywhere. " Days here are workless Nights are here sleepless Where it is that place Noone is fearless" Lockdown is not same in all way as people are working in their gardens, farms and other places. They are doing same things as they were doing before but are not mentally sound. As Stay safe stay at home is the best solution but how one can stay whole day at a one place as these are now common questionsin everyone's mind. "Wear mask is carefull Care task is fruitfull Where it is that place Everyone is watchfull" Use sanitizer and wear mask are now common these days to keep themselves safe. Better food make you healthy, Drink water in a balanced manner keep your immune system strong.These days more focus should be upon that it make your body more strong to fight with COVID-19. Everyone is well knowing that in kashmir this time is the season for farming but how is it possible in such stuff. we the younger generation understands how the situation is but it is very tuff task to handle our elders.They love their land like as their loved ones. stay safe stay at home is not good but due to the situation it is only solution. It is not possible to change our elders old habit to adopt them new one. Every year we are in lockdown but this year it is totally different. Last year the same situation but no body was locked .In short it is not anyone who can control the whole world. we have hope upon Allah to be best. If wear mask is also one safety to control this virus then what about those differnt offcers who are doing their duty in different villages at different districts without wear this.That make our elders more strong in saying we are doing good. If keep social distancing is one among other safety measure then whey are they security officers staying in groups to avoid such. stay safe stay at home is not good in allway because it keep us dull and boring. We are going back day by day as the COVID-19 cases are increased and we are decreased. Our school going childrens, their future is vanishing as they are not doing their activities. Minde at this age is fresh and the task at that time is always rememberd. Doing different activities making them different. "Lockdown is increased COVID-19 by decreasing here covid-19 is increasing Population by decreasing" Lockdown the term is used for everyone to stay safe stay at their homes. If it is same than why it is the differnce at everywhere. In lockdown everyone will be same whether they are labourers, private employees or unemployed childrens of a pensioner. I think everyone is same as all are handling the same situation then why more focus is given on those backward and rural areas. let them give everything free is not good for those who are lived in rural areas but are behind this all. Those people who come under redzones and buffer zones are too much targeted with more security were present only for their safety. Life at their is quite and lack of intrest to do something. It is too much hectic to survive in this situation. Lockdown is same for everywhere but not same for everyone. At last but not least lockdown will end one day so hope good and to be good. Stay themselves safe at home only for sometime. but dont think deep upon it. so keep it up

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