A Heart touching story of a Mom and A Son Autism journey

Farhan Kitab/ Kulsuma Parvaiz;

A Mother is always closest to a child. A heart of a mother is a pot of love, care, compassion to her child. Mothers are the first indications of the sovereignty of God in our lives. mother teaches us to have confidence and belief in ourselves. Mothers are women inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may or may not their biological offspring. I am trying to express my feeling about a mother whose child is living with autism. Being a mother she starts her journey with her son Farmaan Parvaiz at the age of four. She doesn’t know that her child is suffering from autism. Before her child is normal as other. After slowly she stops to thinking and speech there was a regression in speech initially he was speaking sentence than a few words, only mom and then stop speaking. her child cries loud and sometimes show loud giggles unnecessarily. At that time her eyes are full of tears.

She saw him differently at that time mom was his last word. ”When little things are never little and every milestone is a celebration”. wasting two years she will go to the doctor outside J&K where she knows that her child is suffering from autism spectrum disorder. Autism is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. Autism spectrum disorders impact the nervous system and affect the overall cognitive, emotional, social and physical health of the affected individual. Autism day is celebrated on 2nd April. She will come in shock when she heard about the problem of her child suffering from autism. After she will diagnose her child there. She leaves her job and everything for her child. She will come back to her home in Srinagar after treatment and start a special school called exceptional minds. She will become her aim to open a school for the special child at free of cost. She will attend many workshops on autism, learning disability, intellectual disability, ADHD, ADD, etc.

She starts homeschooling and made a special room for her child where she gave her child therapies. She will be the first mom in Kashmir valley who has done lots of courses for children with special needs. She will never give up for her child in such difficult times and always ready to fight with the situation. I salute from the core of my heart to a brave mother. Let’s change and make a difference in the world of our special children.

Kulsuma Parvaiz is a founder of the exceptional child center for Autism [Bemina] and Director of specially-abled children trust Srinagar (J&K)

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