Soldiers and Public


Kamran Mahar

Many a times we come to hear about Pakistan army injustice and dominance over the public. May it be stringent rules of security measures on various check posts or the handling of the public in political and religious gatherings, Pakistan army is always castigated for their rude but caring behavior. Its examples can be viewed from the window of COVID-19.

Paksitan Army is protecting its public by risking their own life. Covid-19 is a contiguous disease and can affect anyone  life who come into the contact of person having such disease. Nevertheless, Our front- line soldiers are at streets to ensure the safety of our lives. Despite of their altruistic nature to cause of national safety, they are subjected to blistering denunciation by our general public. Security personnel  strict tone has just the sole purpose of keeping us safe. Our soldiers are our invaluable assets.They are worthy of great praise and admiration. We should not harbour any resentment in our hearts towards them