Is Everything Under Control ?


Letter to editor,

In the rudimentary pandemic, citizens in London and other foreign countries started burning and razing 5G towers and openly juxtaposed link b/w Coronavirus pandemic and 5G. According to specialists this technology will accelerate internet and electronic communications speed but hypothetically their actual phenomenon will be to collect all individuals data and forward it to manufacturers. But it wouldn’t be possible without smart nano chip installation in all masses, which could catch all their activities. Legitimate installation of chips in the body wouldn’t have been possible for them, So contemplated pandemic was the only key to lock. In the future when half of the world population will be hit by a virus. A messiah will appear to launch vaccination and this antidote along with a secret chip to be inoculated to cure the Virus. Is this initiative of one world govt to establish their despotic control over all the world? Is Any New transition going to shift the world to a digitalized world in which every Person will be under their Dominantion, Will Humans be only left as Puppets? The Question remains puzzled

(Tahir Jamal Tahir)