Indian Islamophobia


Saqib Bhatt

Islamophobia just not begins in india,But people are getting aware of it .Arabs noticed incidents and stories through social media nowadays and retaliated with no gap of hour through the same medium of social media mostly tweeter.Arabs not only tweeted sympathy to muslims of india but also expressed anger to hate mongers of Islam in india aswell expatriates residing in Arab countries,some indian hindu people are believed to be terminated from their jobs who are among Islamophobic preachers. the situation rages when a hindu parliament member Tejsvi surya from karnataka,india tweeted in disrespectful,and abusive manner about Arab women.And princess Heind Al Qassimi of UAE responded aggressively and warns india.that is already heading towards economic and political crunch now created a marathon of social and international relationship breach with barrier of Islamophobia. In india Islamophobia lies in veins of some kind of hindu people and they are spreading it in new generations and present generations aswell.some so called personalities of hindu communities and political leaders are in fore front of anti muslim campaigns of conspiracy to aggregate aggressively against muslims. TV anchors are playing most influential part to spread nation wide hatred all over india.By broadcasting Islamophobic content .any criminal involvement of muslim is drafted as terrorist activity or anti national activity,they leave no stone unturned during news hour (anti muslim conspiracy)blaming and shaming muslims nation wide .such actors like arnab goswami and muslim named rubiqa liyaqat working as journalists are most popular, powerful and adored persons in india.indeed they are doing their obligations effectively and proved efficacy of Islamophobia to people of india.i am not sure are they paid members of any unknown organisation or they are doing intentionally for the sake of peers and their beliefs . And no one has has yet such courage and power to take front against their Islamophobic journalism. Tweeter,Facebook and other social media users pretending public figures ,celebrities not because of their deeds or social activities .but the tag of sky blue seals on their handle that confirms their identity as well known person or public figure.such people are easily entering hate spread campaign by sharing their Islamophobic thoughts by tweets ,stories and videos etc.recent example of well known and popular indian playback singer sonu nigham tried to hide his Islamophobic character by deleting his tweeter handle so nobody can retweet or check his ideology and hatred towards muslims.And also uploaded a pretending video in favour of muslims soon after arabs responded to hate brokers.Because he is currently residing in UAE that costs him to surrender. That enlightened sonu nigham’s cowardly behaviour to his peers and beliefs Need of hour ,utilizing common sense after watching news channels, social media material in a cool manner leads everyone towards the objective of content except paid members and freelance Islamophobic creatures of india. ome facts need to revise with humanity and equality as per preamble ,how muslims are being related to terrorist and terrorism in india .if a hindu caught in riot is called insane and frustrated, why muslim is a terrorist and anti national doing the same , if one hindu is lynched becomes headlines for weeks and muslim are lynched like cattles remains myth .we need come together to defend our rights soon ,otherwise it will be end of our beliefs of islam.