Greeting the Great Messiah of Karachi-II


Asif Khan

Lives, who have the distress of others more than the comfort of their day, a person whose mobile is never on Silent, who does not distinguish between rich and poor, whose sleep is never deep, who has no excuse. Who never give excuses who never say “no” to anyone. The name of this great personality is “Dr. Malik Hameedullah Khan”. He belongs to Mianwali. He stepped into the Medical Department in 1987 and, on seeing the first duty of the National Institutes of Health in performing cardiovascular services, he became the messiah for the whole of Sindh. Allaah has experienced healing in his hands and in his hands. Despite being an administrator, there is still a large line of patients outside his room. Posted in charge of. As he played well and cheerfully even though your official hours are set, but you have been in the hospital longer than those times, which is why he is still in charge of the administrative executive of the Hospital today. But greet the Messiah, who has always time for humanity, no matter whether the weather is at 2 or 3 o’clock or the frigid cold of winter, or the frigid heat at 3 o’clock. Not to mention the heat, not the sleep, nor the comfort of the day. It is usual for them to call anytime at 2, 3 pm, their mobiles are on their praises all the time. They do not see this rich or this poor in their eyes all the same, you may be thinking now that the way they visit does not take money but they do not receive any money from anyone, they arrive at their consulate and customized. Presently provide what the patient needs and also provide medication for poor, poor and deserving patients. They treat employees like parents and brothers, which is why they look at the hospital honorably from the hospital to the professor. Because of this, their service to humanity has not diminished, today we should greet such great humanitarian Christians. Finally, we pray that Allah will protect such a great Messiah and extend his goodwill.