Double Salary


In this conundrum every profession has upgraded themselves to curb the Novel Coronavirus. A misconception is prevailing among the people that Only Doctors are our frontline heroes though it is in all sense a wrong assumption. Not only doctors but our Saviours like Army and Policemen are also our Stars in this juncture and putting their all efforts to maximize the preventive measures. Recently Punjab Government and Other Institutions have announced to pay twice a month to Doctors because they are serving COVID-19 infected patients. I think it’s not just doctors who are saving humanity from this Disaster but Protecting Services too who day or night are On Duty to carefully handle this Critical Situation. If doctors are serving at hospitals then these Soldiers are working at public places. Albeit Doctor’s lifestyle is much furnished than the Soldier’s ones. Doctors are likely to touch 6 Digits Income per month while these Halpess Soldiers go about 30s. Bitterly saying Death tally in this situation is balancing between Doctors and Soldiers. If doctors have left their loved ones then these Soldiers were too Stars of some eyes. Hence I hereby being the responsible citizen of Pakistan request the authority to reward not only doctors but all those protective services with double pay a month who are also our Forefront Heroes.