COVID-19 and the pillars of Pakistan


Ariba Jatt,

Admittedly, the prevailing novel coronavirus has jolted the world. Where the entire world has become restless, Pakistan is greatly fighting with pandemic. Some pillars have been getting observed fighting against the fatal disease COVID-19. The politicians are working days and nights, that’s why Pakistan’s situations is better than any other developed countries because of the sharp cum right decisions the political leaders have been taking. It is not only the decisions made by the government but health sector, armed forces, and media have also been seen working tirelessly to save the people of their country. Many of the developed countries like Iran, Italy, America and China are yet suffering from this terminal disease but Pakistan is playing very triumphant role to combat well with COVID-19. The situation of country is far better than the countries said before and this credit goes to aforesaid pillars – government, armed forces, health sector, and the media, for instance. So to say, If we look into the role played in the health sector by doctors, one thing comes in mind; public has woken up now to the significance of doctors, so the country must enlarge the number of doctors so to wage the war against any pandemic. Doctors are the blessings from ALLAH on every society, they make the nation strong and healthy and if the nation is strong, it will fight against any type of the war like now we are fighting with this epidemic COVID-19. The country must invest on the health sector. The frequency of seats for the competent students in the medical institutions must also be increased so to produce the doctors in the sufficient numbers. And they must be barred, after graduation, to jump from their own profession to other workplaces completely different from their qualifications. Doctors have the responsibility to be honest with their profession but if the doctors are found insincere with their profession, how society can then go ahead. They must be put in the tight vigilance. Besides, the Pakistani force has also left no stone unturned to save the people. But they are observed with insufficient number. All the days and nights, police and rangers stroll their assigned areas. But the question is; how can they perform well their duties in insufficient numbers? Same like the call forth has been put above for empowering the health sector, this pillar also needs revision to empower in terms of sufficient number of people. Almost exactly, in every situation, from worst to best, media of all the countries seem playing their central role. But media in Pakistan, especially, is not in a good condition. In this gruesome period of COVID-19 media persons have now burning their midnight oil in making people of their country aware of the terminal disease and appeals people #stay home stay safe#. But in back, too short salaries they are receiving. Not only the problem of short salaries they face, but also they face life insecurity. These both problems must be resolved at best. After all, departments of media in all the universities must also be equipped with sufficient number of media tools and other necessary things to provide the students with proper working with their practical. Every three month, they should be exposed to training sessions of multiple types so to produce them as the best journalists for media industries, and etc. In simple manner, they have proved they can fight the problems but yet far better they can perform if the discussed-above things are revised the most. Above all, point to ponder is; if Pakistan for the first time has superseding in making developed even super power countries lag behind in combating this fatal disease then why the country cannot develop if the government falls habitual to take such sturdy decisions for good. Closing educational institutes, markets and even barring people from performing prayers in crowd forms are undoubtedly robust and timely decisions. Even in this worst time, the government decided to busy students and teachers in distance learning is very great measure but it has failed to do so successfully