COVID-19 and the pillars of Pakistan-II


Ariba Jatt,

In this gruesome period of COVID-19 media persons have now burning their midnight oil in making people of their country aware of the terminal disease and appeals people #stay home stay safe#. But in back, too short salaries they are receiving. Not only the problem of short salaries they face, but also they face life insecurity. These both problems must be resolved at best. After all, departments of media in all the universities must also be equipped with sufficient number of media tools and other necessary things to provide the students with proper working with their practical. Every three month, they should be exposed to training sessions of multiple types so to produce them as the best journalists for media industries, and etc. In simple manner, they have proved they can fight the problems but yet far better they can perform if the discussed-above things are revised the most. Above all, point to ponder is; if Pakistan for the first time has superseding in making developed even super power countries lag behind in combating this fatal disease then why the country cannot develop if the government falls habitual to take such sturdy decisions for good. Closing educational institutes, markets and even barring people from performing prayers in crowd forms are undoubtedly robust and timely decisions. Even in this worst time, the government decided to busy students and teachers in distance learning is very great measure but it has failed to do so successfully. Hope, this uprising problem will also be resolved. In these quarantines days, we have been limited to our homes with our families but, only the paramedical staff, media persons and armed forces are out of their home for the sake of their peoples’ lives. Their inclusive role is worth appreciating. Thus, these pillars need reconstruction, revisions, and empowerment. And their drivers should be trained, equipped, and facilitated well.