New rules for appointment of DG FDE finalized


Muhammad Shafiq,

ISLAMABAD:    (Parliament Times)   New rules have been prepared for the post of Director General of the Federal Directorate of Education, which has been formally approved by the Establishment and forwarded to the Federal Ministry of Education and Vocational Affairs. According to the new rules, the post of Director General will be Grade 21 on which appointments can be made on contract, transfer or deputation. Percentage will be given through promotion of Grade 19 officers for these posts. Must have 17 years of experience working in the fields of management, finance, public policy, public administration, information technology and law and have a senior management course. According to sources, the Ministry of Finance has not yet ratified these rules. Approval must also be obtained from the Federal Public Service Commission. It should be noted that the post of Director General has been vacant for the last four years due to which the institution is suffering from many problems.