Where are you, dear politicians?


M.Z.Rifat                                                   Letter to the Editor

Our dearest motherland Pakistan is in the grip of Corona pandemic like rest of the world for the last couple of months. The federal and provincial governments and agencies and departments down the line particularly doctors and medical staff are doing their maximum possible to effectively and positively counter and check the invading pandemic. This is only possible with the continued blessings of Almighty Allah and the strict observance of all preventive and safeguarding measures essentially like social distancing, frequent hand washing with soap and staying at homes. For generating maximum resources, the federal and provincial governments have established relief funds to which generous donations are being made to ensure all possible relief is provided to those who are suffering one way or the other due to lockdowns and other preventive measures. But the most pertinent question which this scribe wants to ask through these few lines is as to where are the political parties, their leaders and parliamentarians and dear politicians on the whole ? Some of them are continuing indulging in politics which is not good in the prevailing circumstances to say the least. But one has not heard any politicians making donations to the relief funds at the federal and provincial levels.