No new COVID-19 case emerges in AJK;

Altaf Hamid Rao;


Tally stands intact as 55,

MIRPUR (AJK):     Azad Jammu & Kashmir retains distinction, being the COVID-19 free region the world over on Friday after no any new case of the novel corona virus emerged in the State during last 24 hours, official sources said.

As a result of fool proof preventive measures for the past 33rd consecutive day of continual complete lock down across AJK and with the great blessings of Allah, the Almighty, no any new case of the novel corona virus emerged in Azad Jammu Kashmir during last 24 hours till Friday.

At the same time 51 new cases were registered and tested of the COVID-19 across Jammu Kashmir Friday.

Thus the liberated territory of AJK maintained the distinction emerging as the pandemic-free part on Friday, this APP Correspondent understands as the AJK State Health Department said while updating the current situation of the pandemic in the region on Friday.

A total of 28 patients got cure in AJK as they tested negative and discharged from various Quarantine centers in the State so far.
Since no new suspect of the pandemic emerged during last 24 hours across AJK, the number of COVID-19 infected persons tested positive in the State tally still exist to 55 on Friday, AJK health authorities said.
Among 28 of the Corona virus hit persons in AJK have so far been discharged included 12 from New City Teaching Hospital Mirpur, 03 patient discharged from CMH Rawlakot, 11 from DHQ Hospital Bhimbher, one from DHQ hospital Kotli following completely recovery.

Thus a total of 27 suspects tested positive are under treatment at various AJK hospitals at present and moving to the recovery, the State health authorities said.
Updating the overall current COVID-19 so far situation in entire AJK, the Health Authorities continued that a total of 1522 suspects cases were tested of whom the results of 1465 have reached. Of all above cases, 55 were tested positive in AJK so far.

Since a total of 28 out of a total 55 suspects were so far discharged after complete recovery, rest of 27 of the rest suspects tested positive across AJK are receiving treatment including 01 patient admitted in Isolation Center in New City Teaching hospital, Mirpur, 04 in DHQ Hospital Bhimbher, 09 admitted in CMH Rawalakot, 09 in Palandri DHQ hospital, 02 in the State Isolation Center Muzaffarabad and 02 in tehsil Headquarter hospital Dadayal (Mirpur District) the official updated breakup of the so far situation of the deadly virus in AJK said.

Since 1465 of the COVID-19 suspects across AJK were tested negative so far and all of them were discharged after formal test under SOP set by the medical advisory by the authorities in AJK,

Results of the tests of only 57 suspects are awaited which are scheduled to reach in a day or two next.

AJK govt. has established 60 Quarantine centers at various locations in Azad Jammu Kashmir for dispensation of treatment to the pandemic affectees hailing from Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Mirpur Div. HQ Teaching Hospital, CMH Rawalakot and Urology Lab Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences Muzaffarabad are engaged in PCR Testing, the authorities said.

The State Health Department’s medical teams have been posted at all entry points leading to AJK for detailed required screening of the passengers pouring in to Azad Jammu Kashmir, according to the official statement issued by the State Health authorities.