New Divine World Order

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Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan

Mundane forces announced to their utter pleasure that a new world order is going to take place. Mr. Trump and his crony forces were thinking in terms to alter the world to the tight tailoring to their needs. Trump and his rancorous Pleiades regelated several times to re-occurrence to quench their thirst to rule the every nook and corner of the world. A new world order was devised to overrule the previous systems. USSR and Russia were two big giants wrestling in every arena of the world. Veitnam remained a battlefield for long time, USA made this terrene a burning spot for long but after devastating the soil and at the cost of innumerable souls it came to the knowledge of US administration that terrestrial hegemony cannot be established without the heartfelt sympathies of the residents of the territory. In the gainless battle of Veitnam USA got countless gifts of corpses making their mothers to mourn over their unjustified death. Veitnam graveyards were full of human bodies, leaving no space for next corpses. Combodia is the second example of hegemonic satiation but to no avail. Both the countries lost much to gain nothing. Same was the fate of World giant, the immense loss of human beings and resources in the battle fire. Among other recent examples Afghanistan is a country, targetted for power exhibition and power race between USSR and USA. Both the world giants wrestled in the arena for years resulting in the defeat of Russia and victory of USA. But the main player was Pakistan contributing immensely to the shameful defeat of USSR. Pakistan rightly smacked if Russia had won the battle, Pakistan would be in troubled waters. With the defeat of Russia in Afghanistan a new self emergent world order came into force to harbinger a new era of America,s supremacy- the sole power player to lead the rest of the whole humanity, even make India feel that it has no other option to rely upon except USA. USA strategy gained success and now India, which was once a close friend and stooge of USSR and her policies is now a viable mammoth market of American products, to boost American hegemonic designs in the region. Since the creation of the universe and existence of human beings on the soil it remained imperative in the world that some monarchs yearned to rule the whole universe and Alexander the great, Amir Taimoor planned to conquer the whole world but the world was so vast that their ages were too insufficient to accomplish their designs and plans. Britain once ruled the such vast part of the world that sun never set in its ruled territory. But the great Britain became the victim of divine world order and found helpless to retain its clutches over the vast territory and had to relinquish its tight hold on the enslaved countries. Second episode of power play drama was going to take place and America and its Pleiades were in full bloom to announce the new world order to ramify their interests but the Creator of the world turned over their plans and all their yearnings dashed to the ground. None can deny the glaring fact that new world order included the aggrandizement plan of Israel -the endeared child of America and on the other hand strong foothold in Indian land and sea to establish hegemony over the region, to have rebuking eyes on Pakistan to get implemented their policies- to rule the most difficult territory of the world. Unseen divine world order was in waiting to take place ,with the whole world the ever effervescent world power got besieged in diaphoretic and dolesome situation of the epidemic more gruesome than other parts of the world and had to squeak on its being rampant and causing heavy impacts on the giant-like economy -dashing it down. With the providence of God Almighty whole mankind will come out of this deadly situation – the followers of the last prophet Muhammad (SAWW) will remain safe from the conspiracies of the Jewish community and Divine world order will never let the Muslims alone to come under the umbrella of sinister world order. The Jewish lobby will never succeed in their nefarious ends to have an edge over the Muslims of the world by their so called world order- which with all its evils and sinister spirit -has gone to the dust bin and Divine world order is going to take its place to hold the reins of universe, to the strict implementation of Divine verdicts.

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