Just imagine


Muhammad Aftab Khan

The world knows coronavirus is a big threat for whole humanity. Death toll is increasing rapidly. Millions of people are being infected. Technology has failed to stop the spread of covid-19. The world has implemented lockdown and subsequently curfew in highly populated cities. Entire religious activities and gatherings are banned. Unnecessary private sectors and non-government organizations are closed. Apart from coronavirus, there is a big threat of poverty and unemployment. Governments are taking required effective steps to overcome this situation. Rest of the entire world is concerned about how to get rid from this very disease and poverty simultaneously. Governments are giving relief packages for poor families. Elite classes taking part in charity.

Some of them are helping the poor individually. Despite entire precautions and facilitations people are dying with poverty in backwards areas. Committing suicides because they cannot see their children dying with hunger. Online classes are provided by governments as the schools are closed. Time is passing rapidly because of internet facilities and cables. Still the world has not been satisfied yet. People are dying with heart disease. Due to this very pandemic outbreak ratio of heart patients has incredibly increased because of the fear of death, fear of anxiety and stress. Many people have psychological issues and dying in depression. Public couldn’t bear to stay at home at least couple of week. They couldn’t dare to face the poverty and unemployment.

They couldn’t follow the instructions and precautions. All the public of entire world is requesting to their governments to lift the curfew and lockdown. They have come to know what the lockdown is. What is meant by curfew? How torturous? How painful? Just imagine! How the Kashmiri people are at home? How the days and nights are spend? How they have spent the half year in fear and anxiety? How their child’s are alive in poverty? There is massacre of young people and their darlings are being raped. Here we are crying for slow speed of internet, how they are living without internet. How they utilize the time? How they are living in frustration? Kashmir is not a small territory to be ignored as its population is more than 135 countries. Government is requested to reconsider this issue and force India to lift the curfew from this region.