Poor to poorer and rich to richer


Parvez Moula Bakhsh;

Bill Gates rightly said, “if you born poor, it is not your mistake but if you die poor then it is obviously you mistake” the statement is quite simple that taking birth poorly is not your choice and you can not do else thing to do but you can do everything untill your death. So, why everyone has afraid to be called a poor. It doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, nowadays everyone is to differentiate each other as poor and rich. Why people do not try to understand? If someone borns in a poor or middleclass family he/she will not do what he or she wishes because she or he think that I am a poor and I can not do this or that. So, I have to end my wishes, and desires. That is why, they remain poorer. Undoubtedly, if the statement, ” I am a poor” will never come in the minds of the people then the people will obviously life a satisfactory life. There are other ways to define richness and humanity but here in this article I am just going to tell you that how the poor and middle class people are remaining poorer. And the reason for this is just thinking that I am a poor and I can afford it. Undoubtedly, thousands of people even do not know that there is a thing which is humanity. It simply means that money has murdered the humanity, love and relationship. This is the reason of reversing in the life. Mostly, people are eager to be of rich and now being honest, and a humanitarian is not the wishes of the people. Do you even think that why rich people become richer and poor people remain poorer? The answer for the question is clear that poor people skip the things and destinations including goals due to poverty and says, “it is impossible for us, the poor”. Therefore, they can not come a cross from the poverty. On the other hand, they think about their family backgrounds. Why? It is your life live it as better for you and as you like. Do not say that my grandfather or grandmother is that so, I will be like them. I have always been hearing that you or i can not afford it, it is better to skip it. Success remain failure if people will be considered a poor or a rich not able and intelligent. Unfortunately, There is not even a single person in the world who is not been called a poor or a rich person. Why not the people are being called in the name of humanity, goodness, ability, love, intelligentsia and other satisfactions. There is no doubt that the world has always been facing a lots of problems due to the word “poor”. Due to the violence and abuses on poor people including wars, barbarism, and destructions are definitely happening. Did anyone even think that for human beings the humanity is originated not war and destructions. Actually, these are just to destroy humanity, but still people have no tensions. Basically, every problem is created by us, the humans. And we can solve them. It can be rightlysaid that every problem has a solution. Sorrowfully, spoiling the things is too easy and interesting but debugging and confabulating them is the hardest thing in the world as well as no one tries it too. Really, humanity,and real love have no existence in the world. In order to live a prosperous life everyone should leave differentiating each others. If such-and-such things live in the life then the world perhaps remain safe but there will not be a single living being in the universe who is safe and fearless.