Joint session of Youth Parliaments of UK and Pakistan on COVID19 held in Islamabad


Islamabad:   (Parliament Times)   President Youth Parliament of Pakistan Mr. Ubaid Qureshi said, world facing COVID19
pandemic situation and ever country government try their level best to cater the situation and keep
their citizen safe but couldn’t succeeded very much. Youth of every country play important role in
social awareness. Being a representative of Pakistani Youth, I took initiative to gather Youth Activist
of Pakistan and United Kingdom to share their country best social practices and develop awareness
campaign to educate society about COVID19 guidelines, safety precautions and consequences of
outbreak. Ubaid added: it is the opening of a new era for Pakistan and UK Youth to work on
International issue collectively. 1st session will be in between cabinet members of Youth Parliament
and Members of UK Youth Parliament while in this session Parliamentarians, Media Professionals
from both countries will also joined. President added: Duration of session will one hour, in which
30mints for Youth discussion between two countries in which they will share their activities and plan
a social media COVID19 social awareness campaign. In second half on 30mints, seniors from both
countries including Parliamentarians, Media professional and Young Senior will also joined and
discuss with Youth. This is the way we begin a new era for the Youth of both countries. Mr. Ubaid
added we are not limited to 2 countries only we are expecting youth representatives from other
countries also. 1 st Online session, date and timing will be shared soon with public, we are working to
also share live streamline through social Media. This initiative will strengthen the bilateral
relationship between two countries. Youth of both countries can play important and vital role to
build positive image.
Representative from UK Youth Parliament, Mr Amaan Saqlain added it will the beginning of new era
towards youth empowerment. Both countries youth will get chance to share their ideas, discuss
issues and share their best practices which will be helpful to execute at ground level for betterment
of society. We are thankful to Youth Parliament of Pakistan especially Chairman Abrar ul haq Mr.
President Ubaid Qureshi, and vice chairman Dr. Babar Doggar for such a great initiative. We are
hopeful and looking forward to work on collaborative ground to make it properly Joint forum for