Industrialists demand revised bills minus ISPA charges power ministry must intervene to resolve ISPA issue: Suleman Chawla


KARACHI:   President SITE Association of Industry, Suleman Chawla has demanded Ministry of Power to restrain K-Electric from collecting ISPA charges from the industrial consumers and immediately issue revise bills minus ISPA charges with one week extended, last date for payment for the current K-Electric bills is 30th April 2020.

Giving details Mr. Chawla stated that K-Electric is charging Industrial Support Package Adjustment (ISPA) amount for the period July 2019 to December 2019. He added that industries have sold their products based on then applicable rates of electricity and collection of this amount is unjustified as this is past and closed transaction.

“It is worth to be noted that at this crucial time, industries are unable to pay their labors, factories are close, and many units are afraid of bankruptcy which will result in huge unemployment”, he pointed out.

Suleman Chawla demanded that Ministry of Energy must intervene and rescue the industries of Karachi and direct K-Electric to issue revised bills minus ISPA charges and extend due dates to give industrial community breathing space.

Chairman Site Association further said that knowing financial health of industry which has deteriorated due to lockdown he foresees big no of defaults if bills are not corrected.