Quarantine centers formed in train bogies in Balochistan


QUETTA:    Quarantine centers have been formed in train bogies in Quetta and other cities of Balochistan to counter the coronavirus epidemic.
Preparations have been finalized at the Chaman railway station to make the biggest quarantine center, comprising 30 coaches, at the Pak-Afghan border which will soon be inaugurated.
The center will be used after opening of the border and those Pakistanis who are stranded in Afghanistan will be placed there after their return. DS railways told that 300 persons can be kept in the center.
The railways officials maintained that the company is ready to form another quarantine center in Taftan, just like Chaman, if required.
The railways authorities have provided all facilities at the Quetta railway station as well. Furthermore, two train bogies with quarantine centers are available at all important railway stations of Balochistan which will be used if the coronavirus patients increase.