India hell bent on to change Kashmir’s demography: Naqashbandi


Islamabad:   (Parliament Times)    The Convener of All Parties Hurriyet Conference AJK chapter, Syed Faiz Naqshbandi has said that On April 21, 1948, United Nations constitutes UN Commission on India and Pakistan for settlement of Kashmir dispute according to will of people of Jammu and Kashmir expressed in a free and impartial plebiscite under the UN auspices.

The Commission rejected Indian claim that Jammu and Kashmir is integral part of India and declared it a disputed territory whose final status has not been decided.

Kashmiris have time and again rejected Indian occupation and demanded implementation of UN resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir.

Mr Naqshbandi said that India is forcibly perusing its anti-Kashmir policy to change the demography and identity of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir which is against UN resolutions, international laws and 4th General Convention Article 49 para 6 which expressly prohibits any demographic changes of the area under occupation.

This position has been ratified and enforced by International Court of Justice also. Any violation to this position has been declared as war crimes. India is not doing demographic changes there but is committing genocide of Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir.

Syed Faiz Naqshbandi further expressed that there is no freedom of press and expression in Occupied Kashmir. In order to crush completely the freedom of press there, restrictions, crackdown on journalists has become order of the day. Masrat Zahra, a 26-year-old photojournalist from Occupied Kashmir Srinagar, has been booked under black law for uploading procession posts on Facebook that India deems is against interests of India. The statement condemned terror atmosphere created by India and its authority in occupied Kashmir and detention of innocent Kashmiris .

Mr Naqshbandi has appealed to the International Community especially United Nations to stop India from these war crime and violent acts and ensure implementation of UN Resolutions on Kashmir dispute.

He also uged to International Red Cross and other International medical team to sent their teams to stop further loss to humanity in Occupied Kashmir.