Butterfly Organization distributes school bags among penurious children


ISLAMABAD:(Parliament Times)   Renowned Social Welfare Butterfly Organization has distributed school bags in a private school located in Kot Tarhala, District Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). All recipient children were pleased and grateful for the kind deed of the Almarah Awan’s Organization.

On the behalf of CEO, the social worker of the organization has delivered her message to the whole audience including administration, faculty and innocent children. In addition to this, he has further assured that organization will also continue its support in the provision of all necessary equipment including chairs, books, and infrastructure required for the school. Almarah Katreena Awan has further added that her organization has taken the responsibility for helping the poor people and will do all possible efforts for the development of weak and vulnerable community with great passion and dedication.

The Principal of Al-Qalum Model School Mr. Muhammad Rashid has paid a huge regard to the worthy CEO, Butterfly Organization for their remarkable initiative. Moreover, he has elaborated the existing burning issues of institute that our school is located in the remote area and in the presence of significant factors especially non-availability of resources and financial assistance, the scarcity of basic facilities halts the continuity of academic activities each year. Furthermore, lack of infrastructure particularly, absence of proper building has forced the children to continue their studies in open grounds. The poverty level is very high and sometimes it’s hard to survive even. In the presence of all these major and minor issues, the availability of free school bags to these underprivileged kids is not less than that of a blessing. He offered his best wishes to the esteemed organization for their progress. Parents were also glad and thankful to the organization for supporting their children in the need of an hour. At the end of the ceremony, group photo was taken by the camera team of an organization including the principal, social workers, staff members of the school and children along with the photograph of CEO, Butterfly Organization.