Global Poverty

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The realization of the need for food for the world’s poorest countries is the first step to be attempt response during lockdown. The world is making huge strides in overcoming global poverty . As the massive scale misery caused by the global hunger needs extensive and organized efforts . Now that COVID-19 is upon us, scientists and innovators are pulling out the stops to find ways of coping . However, the novel coronavirus which has first emerged in Wuhan poses an additional challenge for the world . Most Critically , while China facing the difficult crisis and most confirmed cases has eventually strengthen every propaganda and introduced their best efforts and clarity and successfully contained the virus .Right now the world is becoming the cause of catastrophe and very greatly focusing on foods challenges. Secondly the poor families in Pakistan, their financial fall out and with widespread loss of income , and daily wage workers unable to struggle for their families. The post pandemic rebuild global poverty,   because of unemployment and strict lockdown imposed in the country is one of the serious issue faced by the country. The nation which is grippling with poverty and majority of the country’s population are  under poverty line . It is a tremendous fact that the socio- economic impact is especially felt in low- income countries where extreme poverty already breeds illness and disease.

In the early decade our world is shrinking, since there is declared an emergency and global challenges like experiencing  climate change. It’s very difficult story in countries where inequality and poverty are much more acute . It’s very different what is happening in the world?  In one sense humanity seems to be unfair according to the concept of God and religion , which tht world is still sinking around . Global poverty levels would increase  under all three  scenarios for the first time since 1990  according to the analysis with up to a decade of progress lost globally. Additionally,  the virus could push a half billion people into poverty . Previously in Pakistan the economy has sinked because of governments unsatisfactory efforts on social and political and policies .

The World Bank also warned that the pandemic is causing unprecedented global shock and said the significant  economic pain would be unavoidable in all countries and higher risks .

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